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Chris Wareings Self Design Jet

Congratulations on a successful maidan flight from Chris and his self design jet.

Chris made this jet with no plan. His inspiration came from his Folland Gnat which is Yellow to honour The Yellowjacks,


The Yellowjacks were a Royal Air Force aerobatic display team which flew Folland Gnat trainers painted yellow. The team was formed informally in the summer of 1963 by a group of flying instructors, led by Flight Lieutenant Lee Jones,[1] at No 4 Flying Training School at RAF Valley. The two-seat Gnat T.1 had been in service at Valley only since February of that year, when the first 20 student pilots, selected after being awarded their "wings", from the recently graduated No 82 Entry of the RAF College Cranwell, had started their advanced training on the Gnat. Instructors and student pilots loved this aircraft, because of its small size and its sensitive handling and high manoeuvrability.

Chris Wareing With His Self Design Jet
Chris's A7 Corsair EDF.jpg

Finally Finished And Covered (Very Nice Chris)

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