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 Weston Park Air Show  2023

Here are some picture and videos from the Air show. The surprise for me (John Smith) was there were some demonstrations from real aircraft. The model flying was world class and the weather was perfect.


Showing the amount of people watching the action at the runway. The amount of people at the show was amazing and the surprise was the amount of children.


The study of consonstration from Stuart Coward. The thing Stuart was watching  was the fantastic real plane flying which is in the videos below.

This is a short video from this fantastic display from Global Stars in real world Edges. Watch the closeness of the planes. 

This Is The Star Of The Show.
Pitts With A Normal Combustion Engine And Twin Turbine Jet Engines And Its The Only One In The World.  Watch The Take Off And Listen To The Turbine, It Goes Straight  Up !!!
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