The British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and the Society for Model Aeronautical Engineers (SMAE) represent the national voice for model flying of which the management committee spend a high percentage of their time working with government bodies, local authorities and other agencies in order to safeguard model flying interest. Although the BMFA is a non profit making organisation it does have full time employees.

The (BMFA) is also the governing body responsible for all aspects of model flying and has been established for over 70 years. The Mereside club is associated to the BMFA for many reasons the most important one for the new comer is that when you join the club you also become insured under the BMFA's insurance scheme. This insurance is accepted both nationally and internationally at many venues. The BMFA are responsible for promoting all aspects of flying from novice level to national competitions. They delegate, empower and facilitate clubs to ensure the correct training and safety procedures are adopted. Many clubs will not allow you to fly solo unless you have taken their test of competence.

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