It's simple, however you have to make some decisions, decide which area of model flying you wish to get into eg. fixed wing, helicopters, gliders.

The club offers training in flying some of the above examples, and is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association. Whichever area of flying you decide to get into you need to enter the sport at the right level. Many people make the mistake of seeing beautiful scale type aerobatic models which appear simple to fly, they are made to look simple due to the many hours of practice the pilot may have dedicated to achieving this.

What you will need to do is select a good quality basic trainer there are certain kits of this type that have stood the test of time and are recognized for their excellent slow flying ability. Building this type of model does not usually present to many problems and of course there are the proliferation of many ARTF (almost ready to fly models) on the market. Again there are many engines but choose one of a suitable size not necessarily make as recommended by the kit manufacturer and aim for reliability. When choosing radio equipment you do not need the all singing dancing equipment that does everything bar fly the model for you but do choose carefully. Think what you might want to achieve after you have been flying for a while, that 5th or 6th channel may not be necessary now but soon you may want to expand your building on to more complex models adding flaps, individual aileron control, airbrakes, retracts etc. when the extra facilities will become necessary, however you still don't have to buy the latest fully computerised equipment to achieve this and in some ways it can be beneficial to learn without all the gadgetry. Again there is a vast amount of choice.

The club has buddy box facilities (ability to connect 2 transmitters together, see How do I learn?) for Futaba and Sanwa radio equipment

Study the magazines and check out your local model shop.

If you can spare an hour on Saturday or Sunday afternoon I would suggest you come to the club and there will always, weather permitting be some one there to help in your choice and offer advise.

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