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Invitation Fly-In  

As ever we were all looking forward to a good turn out and brilliant weather.

The crowds started to gather from 10, along with the clouds.

The wind was blowing straight across the flight line with the clouds looking very grey and ominous. Not the best start to an event.

Our guests arrived and then some more and then some more! We extended the parking area and then extended it again down the road. We certainly did have a good turn out. Now where is that sun to make it perfect?

Flyers came from Blackpool and Lytham to help make a special day. They brought some really impressive jets which certainly stood out on the flight line.

There was a good mix of models from the already mentioned joyous jets, excellent electrics, nubile nitros and perfect petrols to keep everyone interest and excited throughout the day.


Thanks to Evan, Ian & Keith for organising the fresh tea & coffee on offer, but a really big thanks to Mrs Evan for the superb chocolate cakes. I did try to get a photo but they flew faster than any of the planes!!

The weather was kind with only 6 drops of rain falling and even a burst of sunshine too.

At one point the big petrol models were bullied out of the sky by the growing number of foamie Wot4's. The photo is real and has not been manipulated in any way, neither were any Wot4's armed during the taking of said photo.

Lots of flying took place and thankfully no major problems or incidents, with the day finished around 5 with everyone happy and content.

Let's look forward to the next edition of the events calendar.

The Gathering Crowds Jostle For Space A Flock Of Foamie Wot4's Don't Panic!! The Busy Flight Line A Raven In Flight A Perfect Knife Edge A Perfect Day